Hidden Springs Stone Fountains

Our collection of Hidden Spring Stone Fountains combine large rocks with running water.

Bring the relaxing sound of water to your backyard setting with a pond less water feature. Flowing water enhances the stones natural beauty.

Black Majic Fountain:  Rich black accents are highlighted by flowing water.

Glacier Granite: A charcoal colored granite with streaks of green and white. What makes this stone unique is it’s amazing shapes and textures.

Green Boulder Fountain:  Soft greens that blends smoothly into any greenscape.

Honey Oynx: With its intriguing undulating patterns and vivid colors, ranging from red to black to green to white, onyx makes a commanding statement.

Limestone: A truly unique stone. Originally quarried to be used as fence post on the Great Plains where lumber was scarce. Many of these still have a barbed wire attached. Most show imprints of fossils. They tend to run 6” to 10” in diameter are a manageable size for a home owner.

Pink Champagne: Pink champagne is a reddish marble that ranges from a dark red to light pink and in some cases even a gray tone.

Zebra Fountains: Eye catching stripes stand out without overpowering.

Need delivery? No Problem!

We have side dump trailers, end dump trailers, grapple/clam trailers, flatbed trailers and offer LTL shipments.

Hidden Springs Stone Fountains Information

Using the right materials, anyone can install a great foundation water feature! All you really need is an aesthetic eye, the willingness to get a good physical work out, and keeping with the tried and true products and methods we provide.

With a minimum of gardens tools, you will be well on your way!


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