Our collection of Ledgestone Boulders are perfect for creating natural looking retaining walls and steps.

Elm Creek Ledgestone:  Elm Creek ledgestone has a consistent 14” wall face, 18”-24” depth, and 4-10’ lengths. 3’-6’ lengths available upon request. Natural and Premium sort available.

Ledgestone Natural Steps:  Looks great with Elm Creek ledgestone.

Cottage Taupe:  9” or 18” thick, lighter color, ideal for planter boxes or shorter walls and spaces.

Hickory Bluff Limestone Cubes:  A naturally flat, buff colored limestone with very consistent heights.

Castlebrook Beams:  Beams selected for consistent depth and height with varying lengths. Premium Sort.

Rustic Brown:  Random sized beams that can be used for a variety of applications. Available in natural or premium sort

Grey Wolf Ledgestone: High density Limestone. Consistent grey color with slight tone variations. It has a 4" variance on height(ei; 8-12", 12-16", 16-20" etc) with 3-6' lengths.

Need delivery? No Problem!

We have side dump trailers, end dump trailers, grapple/clam trailers, flatbed trailers and offer LTL shipments.


Natural Stone that fits together naturally linear.  Ledgestone captures the rich beauty of nature. Natural stacked, natural face, or snap cut face stone.


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