Glacial Boulders

Glacial Boulders: Stones and rocks that were exposed by a glacier and then left behind after the glacier melted. Perfect for building walls, ponds, water features, borders and beyond.

Glacial Boulders continue to be our specialty and our staple product. You can confidently view Duro Rock as your trusted supply line from the field directly to your job site. Our smallest glacial boulders start at 4-6” sort and then increase 6” increments from a 6” rock all the way up to 60”+boulders.

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We have side dump trailers, end dump trailers, grapple/clam trailers, flatbed trailers and offer LTL shipments.

Glacial Boulder Facts and Information



1 ton covers approx. 40-45 sq/ft

6”-12” size
1 ton covers approx. 28-34 sq./ft
Weight range #20-#85



12”-18” size
1 ton covers approx. 16-18 sq/ft
Weight range #85-#200

18"-24" size

1 ton covers approx. 12-16 sq/ft

Weight range #200-#400


Walls Continued: 


    24”-30” size
1 ton covers aprox. 10-12 sq/ft
Weight range #400-#70


    30"-36" size

1 ton covers approx. 7-9 sq/ft

Weight range #700-#1200

      36"-42" size

1 ton covers approx. 5-7 sq/ft

Weight range #1200-#2000

      42"-48" size

1 ton covers approx. 4-6 sq/ft

Weight range #2000-#2800



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