Accent and Outcropping Boulders

Our collection of Accent and Outcropping boulders offers many color variety's for your retaining wall project.


Cedar Valley Auburn:  A very dark rock with blends of cedar coloring mixed in.

Ebony Slate:  A dense slate that adds a dark contrast to any landscape.

Glacial Ridge Outcroppings:  Select fieldstone with nice accenting features.

Grizzly Brown:  Boulders rich in earth tones, great for walls or accents.

Kodiak Brown:  Blue-Gray cubes with brown overtones.

Rusty Canyon Red: Dark trap with vivid scarlet swirls.

Sandstone Moss Boulders:  Weathered sandstone with moss and lichen.

Shadow Gray:   Dark gray granite with streaks of pink gneiss.

Silver Mist:  A shimmering rock, excellent for accenting.


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Accent and Outcropping Boulders

These boulders are great for accenting your landscape, decorative settings, land markers, borders for ponds. The opportunities are endless with these beautiful pieces of nature.


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