About Us

Our Mission:

"Provide exceptional service to the landscape and construction industry through hard work, skill, and a passion to succeed"

Our Values:

  1. Stay Positive
  2. Honesty is Key
  3. Celebrate Success and Learn From Mistakes
  4. Be Open-Minded
  5. Problems will Always be Handled Professionally

Our Story

In early 1999, Rod (CEO/Owner) and his brother Duane bought a dump truck and old dozer. Thinking they would do a little excavation to supplement the farm operation. Hence the name DuRo.

By the end of 1999, Duane had lost interest in the excavation business and sold out to Rod. During this year however, we were approached by a local farmer asking if we could haul a load of field rock to his daughter's house in Minneapolis.

Rod being eager to try something new, consulted with a couple of relatives in the landscape business, one from Minneapolis and the other from Nebraska. Ironically today, these areas are still our two biggest markets. By the start of 2001, we had bought a small excavator and an old used side dump, which proved to be the keys to success.

We now have several late model excavators and side dumps, and we still deliver to those customer that were brave enough to give us a try with that first truck and have been loyal enough to support us through the years. As the years progressed, we noticed that our customers were asking us about products that we didn't carry yet.

We took the que from this and began researching these products. Today we can truly say that every product we now offer, has stemmed from customer request. So, in conclusion, we owe a huge thank you to all our customers for inspiring us on this journey.

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