Veneer Stone

Natural veneer stone provides the timeless beauty and charm of natural stone without the cost and weight associated with using full-sized stones. Veneer stone is often more affordable than full natural stone, making it a popular choice for homeowners and builders who want the look of stone on a budget.

Unlike manufactured stone, it has a colorful beauty that won’t fade or wash away and always remains rich and authentic.

The final product of a cut thin veneer stone is either a flat, corner, sill or accent stone.

Duro Rock’s varieties of natural thin veneer stone include:

  • Ledge Stone: sizes vary from 1”, 3”, 4” & 5” high and 1” to 3” thick.
  • Castle Stone: sizes vary from 6” x 6” to 8” x 8” pieces and 12” x 16” pieces or larger.
  • Field Stone: a random, naturally shaped product with an outdoor, natural look of flagstone.
  • Rubble Stone: a spectacular choice of different shaped stones, offering a warm cottage look. It is also a creative stone option for those who like the look of a ledge stone but also love the natural look and shape of stones in general.


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